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mercredi, 18 décembre 2013

clé d'activation catégorie A B C D E

blog de kpanou,clé d'activation gratuit

voici une liste de clé d'activation de A à E la suite viendra

Catégorie A

A Better Finder Attributes v1.1.x Name: Inpher s/n: ABFA-dtrb66-46889-tdwf-bxxt
A Better Finder Creator and Types v1.3 Name: FRAGIL s/n: ABFCT-qw77-1322-trew-bxhg
A Better Finder Creator and Types v1.x Name: Inpher s/n: ABFCT-gw77-1499-trew-bxhg or Name: MoonDark s/n: ABFCT-gw77-1680-trew-bxhg
A Better Finder Rename v1.0.1 : Name: Wicked s/n: ABFR-lq70-78377-ketr-rept
A Better Finder Rename v1.x Name: Macintosh s/n: ABFR-lq70-78712-ketr-rept or Name: Server Surfer s/n: ABFR-lq70-79072-ketr-rept
A Better Finder Rename v2.2 Name: The Zozo s/n: ABFR-lq70-78533-ketr-rept
A Better Finder Select v1.0 Name: Macintosh s/n: ABFS-cp07-78711-xtrt-traw or Name: MoonDark s/n: ABFS-cp07-78572-xtrt-traw
A Better Finder Select v1.2.1 Name: Wicked s/n: ABFS-cp07-78376-xtrt-traw
A Day at the Beach slots V1.1 s/n: 561942
A Day in the Life v1.5 Name: BerSerkA s/n: B-244ClaDiTL198950B
A Day in the Life v1.5.1 Name: BerSerkA s/n: B-244ClaDiTL198950B
A Musical Generator v0.9.2.219 s/n: Beta Tester
A Musical Generator V2.0 Name: McClain Company: UCU s/n: 12345602
A Musical Generator v2.0.0.288 s/n: 00000000
A Plus Exam Prep V4.0 Name: Melborn [iTN] s/n: 9292-2429-8792-1008-7926
A Plus Screensaver Creator V3.23 s/n: 2X2513A2112
A Plus Screensaver Creator V3.24 s/n: 2X2513A2112
A Plus Web ScreenSaver V2.0 s/n: FCX474 or s/n: XKM449
A Real Validator Name: Registered[Faith2000] s/n: 1300825
A Real Validator V1.11 Name: ubique.daemon [AmoK] s/n: 1299275 or Name: Chamson s/n: 1214213
A Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder v1.4 Name: sn00pe[evc] s/n: 373610241
A Smaller Gif v1.06 Name: Fatigued s/n: YYYVDC7YCUYY6C5A
A Smaller Gif v1.07 Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A Smaller Gif v1.10 Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 1493387472 or Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A Smaller Image v1.00 Name: tKC/CiA '98 s/n: 563428402
A Smaller Note 99 v2.05 Name/Company: TEX99 s/n: 11139124
A.I.D. V4.01 s/n: KV92374-J4E0T
A+ Certification Theory & Study Guide Code: s/n: ic-300024926
A1 E-Mail Address Extract V2.4 s/n: PCSPK2843318
A1 E-Mail Address Pro V3.0.3 s/n: PRMXT0370210
A1 Quick Tray v2.0 s/n: QKD478
A1 Wallpaper Pro v1.0 : s/n: D9a72gKL39
A-10 Attack v1.0 s/n: 1745039717 or s/n: 2000552139
A-10 Attack v1.1 s/n: 1523995795 or s/n: 1662946582 or s/n: 3751737067
A-10 Attack v1.3 s/n: 0664353645 or s/n: 1377071046 or s/n: 1378460112 or s/n: 1520866043 or s/n: 1745039717 or s/n: 1883260622 or s/n: 1975171254 or s/n: 2000552139 or s/n: 2474548256 or s/n: 3177351882 or s/n: 3577076214 or s/n: 3782544887
A-10 Cuba v1.x s/n: 2523436004 or s/n: 3946381398 or s/n: 2656972435 or s/n: 4004945625 or s/n: 1561486209 or s/n: 4256726404 or s/n: 942978559 or s/n: 2312345923 or s/n: 2329419248 or s/n: 3895574812 or s/n: 2011329649 or s/n: 4144095307 or s/n: 686653718
A1-Image screensaver v4.0 : s/n: B5K7ij49p2
A1Monitor v2.1.1 s/n: G4458
A1Monitor v2.2.2 s/n: K3962
A1Monitor V3.7.5 s/n: D1755
A1Monitor V3.7.6 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V3.8.0 s/n: O2366
A1Monitor V3.8.1 s/n: S2670
A1Monitor V3.8.4 s/n: S2670
A1Monitor V4.0.2 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V4.1.0 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V4.2.1 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V4.2.2 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V5.0.0 s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V5.0.2 Name: s/n: Y4176
A1Monitor V5.5.0 Name: s/n: Y4176
A2Z Gradebook 3.2 Name: UNICITY s/n: 1250
A2Z Gradebook 3.4 Name: Crystal s/n: 3142
A2Z Hangman v3.10 Name: Crystal s/n: 3553
A2Z Hangman v3.20 Name: Crystal s/n: 3553
A3E v1.x (edit A3E.KEY) : line #1: REGNAME=The Bozo Construction Companyline #2: BDA665A818566AB141A665B537566A29
AA Scripter V1.8 s/n: alicyb
AAA Audio MP3 Maker V1.08 Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: 1216578768902432401
AAA FTPeasy V4.0 Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 241148 or Name: NUKEM s/n: 73156
AAA Screen Capture V1.0 Name:[F4CG] s/n: R2111QQQ1Q1Q11111111111Q1111111Q
AAApeg Image Browser v1.04 Name: MisterE [iNSiDE] s/n: 1201750686
Aardvark in a Box Gold V1.14 s/n: RG-3-G-08457-7B78
Aardvark v3.0.0 Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 s/n: 371A6F0C or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1B434C68
AB Complete Ping V3.00 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: dHb-468819396
AB File Encryptor V3.08 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: PuP-467179162 or Name: Norma Blood s/n: PuP-467166078
AB HTML Compressor V2.34 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: OpC-412863157 or Name: Norma Blood s/n: OpC-412850073
AB Safe Deletion V2.08 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: AHS-462579162 or Name: Norma Blood s/n: AHS-462566078
AB Screen Locker V3.62 Name: Norma Blood s/n: AMS-462090978
AB Screen Locker V3.62.0220 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: AMS-462104062
AB System Spy V4.6 Name: Norma Blood s/n: ABS-462079098
AB System Spy V4.60.0872 Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: ABS-462092182
Abacus Help Desk V3.0 Name: (Anything) s/n: 00100000100010010001000000009943686
Abacus Help Desk V3.12 Name: (Anything) s/n: 00100000100010010001000000009943686
Abacus Law Office Calendar System : s/n: F4904
Abacus V2.1 Open Word, go "Tools", then on "Macro". Now click on the copyright text and enter: s/n: 65JK49
Abalone v1.0 s/n: 2665-8850-3430-2395
Abaqus Helpdesk Master V2.5 Name: (Anything) s/n: 00100000100010010001000000009943686
Abatus Mirror Server v1.0.1 Name: Dracs Company: Crystal s/n: 0501FC0702FE
Abatus Mirror Server v1.1.0 Name: tarq@ORiON Company: ORiON s/n: 0A03D60501B6
ABC 95 v2.0 s/n: FCCF2B585
ABC Flowcharter v3.0 for Windows : 0601001053909501
ABC Puzzles v3.1 s/n: 8841963901901400
ABC ToolKit v1.0 s/n: 01103158901
ABC ToolKit v1.1 s/n: 1001001103158901
ABCalculator V1.0 Name: DemonNite s/n: -37487227
ABCalculator V1.1 Name: DemonNite s/n: -37487227 or Name: Sempai^LasH s/n: 54772557 or Name: Mackoi s/n: 67301004
ABCEncrypt V1.01 s/n: B35025117150000 (Serial number must be typed, not pasted!)
AbcLotto v1.0 s/n: 3714
AbcMonitor V1.7 Name: fred the hamster Lz0 s/n: 71CNWNRCWRHN
ABCPix V2.1.1 Name: DiABLO [ORiON] s/n: 103-090-8
ABCPix V2.1.7 Name: GARFiELD [rA] s/n: 102-107-4
ABCPix V2.1.9 Name: PiTcH_SiLoW s/n: 105-678-0 or Name: MackOi DBC s/n: 101-229-6
ABF Value Converter V1.5 s/n: 0GU17Qu8xBY6qDKtSQFzOZDOVOcOlPziuHBeR+HA/YUtkZNW7efClXCQBljjeZB/10ib4Ok+nOZ8ghEnHithldXHo90Hl1OandyceQilW0yWwI43mbwYOTWumKr7ylf+Ky0DW7Jx5JsfstDe4YEzjtYnDd5ih8IlmGYkDMX9i8l4=
Ability Database v98 s/n: NS-400-014::04604013-29704-41279
Ability Office 2000 V2.0.005 Name: Nemesis] Company: TNT s/n: 15155445-37898-08511
Ability Office 2000 V2.1.001 s/n: 12878044-01034-40997
Ability Office 2002 Final Retail s/n: 12961012-21514-41012
AbirNet SessionWall v3 s/n: D1FB563-477B-19568C-6E43A-0002434E Key: 1193
Abix v3.01 Authorization : 370999-143921-5000 Company: PGC 1999 Name: CYPHER X Address1: 123 Happy Street Address2: (Blank) Address3: Nashua Address4: Oh Phone: 800-555-5555 Fax: 777-555-5555 Email: License : 370-463407-196466-5441
Abix V4.01 Name: team embrace s/n: 1234567-9abcdef-123456-563591
Abix V4.10 Name: Bush Jr s/n: 1818181-1818181-181818-938810
Ablaze Starters v2.3d s/n: MAILEXSTONES0897
Ablaze Starters v2.4 s/n: ROCKSDAG2798
Ablaze Web Auto-Promotion v2.22 : s/n: 256AATY55888 (Case Sensitive)
Abobe PageMill v3.0 s/n: MLW300R7102296-238
AboutFace 1.3 s/n: 1022446
Above & Beyond 98 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: CET953
Above And Beyond V2000 Name: Nemesis] s/n: ZHJ523
Above And Beyond V2000.1029 Name: cLUSTER / dSI! Pro: qdy221 or ehw433 or Lite: ntv169 or arw528
Above And Beyond v98.14 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: dup977
Above And Beyond v98.16 Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: dup977
Above And Beyond v98.17 Name: zaarnik [BLiZZARD] s/n: CWE073
Above Black Book v1.0 Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Black E-Book v1.2 Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Disk+ v4.0a s/n: 506824
Above the Rim V2.2 for Win9x : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: $7B33734B or Code: $F9845957
Above the Rim v2.4 Name: BerSerkA s/n: $F91B3866
Abox V1.1 Name/Password: (Anything) s/n: PCR-214-2308
Abracadabra v1.11 Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 752247
Abracadabra v1.2.4 Name: ARNOLD MOORE s/n: 865134
Abracadabra v1.2.5 Name: $keve s/n: 912110
Abracadabra v1.2.6 Name: TEAM ORiON s/n: 1477500 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 2531450
Abritus Business 2000 V3.02 Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1034-314-102
Abroad! s/n: 999-58527
Absoft Fortran Pro v5.0 s/n: 15345
Absoft Fortran v4.2 s/n: 124485
ABSOFT Pro Fortran V6.0 S/N¡G0449700013490
Absolute Accessories V1.0 s/n: 10675-81696
Absolute FTP v1.0 beta 6 Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Expiration: never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
Absolute FTP v1.0 RC 11 Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 02-01-900000 Expiration: Never Key: 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
Absolute Menu Java Applet V1.0 s/n: amenu27b47
Absolute On line v2.0 name: ls-Warp98 s/n: 79872185323923916697288
Absolute Protect v1.2 Name: ZOBEL s/n: 76692358
Absolute Security Pro V3.3 Name: C0ke2000 s/n: GPBKTCNKYZKWQPJ
Absolute Security Pro V3.7 Name: Demian/TNT! s/n: LGYCNAPBYWAJNUR
Absolute Security Pro V4.0 Name: NSA_CRACKERZ_TEAM s/n: UGQCRLAHKEFXPYW
Absolute Security Standard v1.00 Name: jog [DNG] s/n: BTAYNNNNYPEGTPK
Absolute Security Standard v1.1 Name: escom/CORE s/n: BGUPFVLRUPAKTTG
Absolute Security Standard v2.0 Name: i am sexy s/n: HYVHAAVNNCMUMJE
Absolute Security Standard v2.6 Name: Delphic s/n: VQZUKKXMGWRKRFA
Absolute Security Standard v3.0 Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: CKNMAGKDQCYUFND or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: GYEARKGZPKNBGNW or Name: Raybiez Cracking s/n: KDYCBZAJKVUMJWE
Absolute Security Standard V3.3 Name: SkUaTeR s/n: DRMDZBJPRJPTLYH or Name: m00dify s/n: HUYJHPQJXNYBCRZ
Absolute Security Standard V3.4 Name: Hazard 2000 s/n: ECHVNZQRCYEHHBB or Name: PhatAzz [e!] s/n: RBFXPLUMBPGDFYW
Absolute Security Standard V3.5 Name: embla of phrozen crew s/n: LTPDTDMAEHNKNTR
Absolute Security Standard V3.7 Name: FiReAnGeL [EVD] s/n: WTRPBPUCJDMHUHU
Absolute Security Standard V3.9 Name: CROSSFIRE ROCKER s/n: CYZANWUZUDDEYPU
Absolute Security Standard V4.0 Name: NSA_CRACKERZ_TEAM s/n: MBGJUGHTYRBPBXR
Absolute Security v1.2 Name: JUANDA s/n: AFQTGBZPNLERURU
Absolute Security V2.0 Name: JUANDA s/n: AFQTGBZPNLERURU
Absolute Security V2.7 Name: ls-Warp s/n: LYLAYLYYJLEBHUC
Absolute Security V3.6 Name: Evil Ernie 2K [SCB] s/n: GMKKRAPZBJRRXQP
Absolute Slots v1.2 s/n: 397504
Absolute Spades v1.1 s/n: 107383
Absolute Spades v1.2 s/n: 107383
Absolute Time Corrector V1.0 To install the Key, launch Absolute Time Corrector, click on "Register ATC" button, copy the key. =begin=0ByWUEFsfRlNqh9H7Pf5D/C9bwvXWgjyv+VwnuxGt+1VA7VKjZIHgRn3lrtXbSSvIf1nNZfkwwQFlumTn/Lfs6JyepmiEqBAX3FjQpTdHTFYYKhXugsZ2tOEcSr/jqvQnCvc76szUjxT2xw0zxl5/z7dWv+TsonCBQUaSycDCaT4==end=
Absolute Time Corrector V1.2 To install the Key, launch Absolute Time Corrector, click on "Register ATC" button, copy the key. 042tGDTrv3jdpuFc9bCquCRUpLWYfGQ9pR+433yGeDP8FqZ4nuVPR29UPEBc OmmjL2luR3ELcoG2fyiaEt6JjGWQcklDnVZaqY9qQ5evApwhRd/F6Jli2/NK oB/4s+kMy3R8pPrg5OpGss3eLCnjx+uGGq35ydwtHGv9UDrBnbTA=
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Beta 2 Name: xOANON Company: [UCF97] s/n: 00-01-000000 Expiration: 11-09-1997 Key: 9227 7287 6925 9514 8296
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 beta 6 Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Exp : never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Beta 7 Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Expiration: never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Final Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Exp : Never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 RC 11 Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 02-01-900000 Exp : Never Key: 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
AbsoluteFTP v1.6b3 : Name: RePulsive Company: Pirates Gone Crazy s/n: 02-16-123456 Exp : Never Key: 01803292008690490481
AbsoluteFTP V1.7 Beta 3 Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Exp: Never Key: 1829219807156290447
AbsoluteFTP V1.7 Name/Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Exp: Never Key: 18292198071562904476
AbsoluteFTP V1.8 Beta 1 Name/Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Exp: Never Key: 18292198071562904476
AbsoluteFTP V1.8 Name/Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Exp: Never Key: 18292198071562904476
AbsoluteFTP V1.9.1 Name/Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Exp: Never Key: 18292198071562904476
AbsoluteFTP V1.9.2 Name: tE Company: TMG Date: 03-23-2001 s/n: 02-18-177077 Code: 8688CF856BB23BE525A69A8083F33A99
AbsoluteFTP V1.9.5 Name: Barbara Page Company: E.E. s/n: 02-19-025201 Key: 6119 8884 1832 7485 0176 Date: Never
AbsoluteFTP V1.92 Name:CZY Company:CZY Serial:02-16-361500 Date:Never Key:18292198071562904476
AbsoluteFTP V1.94 Name: CZY Company: CZY s/n: 02-16-361500 Key: 18292198071562904476 Date: Never
Absolutely Online v2.0 build 17 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 709214681399 or Name: n03l s/n: 43184232216539817224
Absolutely Online v2.2.026 Name: Delphic s/n: 394454466686
Absolutely Online v2.3 Name: DORIS MOREAU s/n: 49296916793913697524
Absolutely Online v2.5 Name: coSmoS [True] s/n: 459853016396
Absolutely Online v2.7b37 Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 73765525381185841824
Absolutely Online V2.8.39 Name: sudiweb s/n: 393815256006
Absolutely Online V2.8.40 Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 73765525381185841824
Absolutely Online V2.9 Name: Walhalla [oDDiTy] s/n: 360435024694 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 13796916738688547827
Absolutely Online V2.9.40 Name: sudi s/n: 49572432277862817882
Absolutely Online V2.91 Name: GARFiELD [rA] s/n: 165305338554
Absolutely Smart Server3 v3.30 s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
Absolutely Smart Server3 v3.31.3 s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
Absoluter Fast Taskbar v1.0 Name: xasx/tnt s/n: nxpwvy
Absolutey Online v2.0 Name: ls-Warp98 s/n: 79872185323923916697288
Abstract Web Studio V4.0 Name: ReanimatoR^LasH Password: LasH CrackinG Code: 1AF8-FF7E-67A9-40CD
Abuser v0.8b Name: me s/n: 14644
Abuser V1.0 Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 25858 or Name: PC96 s/n: 17136 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 30842
ABView V1.2 Name: Scott Bainbridge s/n: cffjVmecWOOSUYTfT6Yei54Zem Key: XlVlYQPglhVUlmkmPWSQlPTY4f
Academia V2.0 s/n: 36453
AcadLight v97 Key: EUB7 s/n: 617-00000610
ACCEL Tech P-CAD 2000 S/N:1111-1111-1111-1111
AccelDocs v1.1 s/n: AD38519543-88
Accelerated CD v1.0 Name: shuttle avalon s/n: 111-11942808 1
AcceleratedX v2.1 s/n: 112955
AcceleratedX v5.0 Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: DS0LID-0691386450-80
Accelerator s/n: A300-11114-CP4U or s/n: A300-12935-CP4U or s/n: A300-31239-CP4U
AccelPad V1.0 s/n: 286336-0757C1
Accent Composer v1.07 Name: DarkBug[Weapon] s/n: CBA23A0BDF9600AB82
Accent Express s/n: 064201130459806 or s/n: 064 202 101 910 351
Accent Professional v2.0 : s/n: 062202100002277 or s/n: 064201130459806
Accent s/n: 042807358902273
Accent v2.0 Final Beta : s/n: 12345678900012
Access ADI s/n: 040-4031420
Access Administrator V1.4 s/n: 6817751533994971
Access Administrator V1.41 s/n: 8932852702802733
Access Animation V1.6 Name: Sempai^LasH s/n: 400WSC400WSC-13
Access Animation V1.90 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 5177-679S50 or Name: Mackoi s/n: 400WSC400WSC-13
Access Animation V2.00 Name: crash 2001 s/n: 0571W-####
Access Code Analyzer V1.01 s/n: 4C5C5838B205
Access Denied v2.30 Name: [NUT] s/n: 010427F1EF90ab19E117351EE4 or Name: James Frazier s/n: 3935988480
Access Denied V2.31 Name: James Frazier s/n: 3935988480
Access Denied V2.32 Name: James Frazier s/n: 3935988480
Access Denied V2.40 Name: James Frazier s/n: 3935988480
Access Diver v2.92 Name: James Company: Shopdown s/n: KqIqKjLkXgHcSvBZQK0TQQMEGIQNI908OI
Access Image V2.7 Name: Sempai^LasH s/n: 140855#651C
Access Image V2.80 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 3450-655530
Access Image V3.0 Name: Mackoi s/n: AC-28595766-IMG or Name: The Netmech^LasH s/n: 3C4-243041C#651C
Access Lock V1.42 s/n: 8861890909890590
Access Manager V2.4 s/n: 88319iTN05SE
Access Password Recovery V1.59 Name: Skboca s/n: 8LU7ZP
Access PC 3.0 s/n: 0120 0000 0253 0278 0120 0000 4589 1115
Access Photo V2.0.7 s/n: SH2701VAL251201
Access Photo V2.0.8 s/n: SH6745VAL787801
Access to ASP V4.2.0 Name: TEAM REAL! s/n: 846-654-691-330 or Name: TEAM DISTINCT s/n: 846-654-731-730
Access to Delphi Converter s/n: 34895
Access To VB v4.0.2 Name/Company: James Bond s/n: 924460000
Access To VB v4.01 s/n: 924461112
Access To VB v4.5 s/n: 0924462090
Access To VB V4.7 Name: EMBRACE Company: EMBRACE s/n: 924460000
Access Wordpoint v1.1 s/n: 539432300000178
AccessAble Help Desk Professional Edition V1.1 Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) Password: prideandjoy
Accessable Help Desk SE V1.0 Password: finesthour
AccessAble Help Desk Suite V1.01 Password: finesthour
AccessNfs Gateway v4.01.00.09 Name: shuttle Company: avalon s/n: JN933335004358
AccessRecovery V1.0 s/n: 1141-47634
AccessToVB v4.0.2 Name/Company: James Bond Code: 924460000
Account Pro v7.0n Name: Gladys Frey s/n: 5ACCAC3FGD6DAB2
Account Pro v7.11 Name: Dan K. Hanson s/n: 5A79AC2GEG4E7B9
Account Pro v7.12 Name: Gladys Frey s/n: 5ACCAC3F9FAEE1B
Account Pro V7.30d Name/Company: VDK2000 s/n: 6A59AC9B636A832
Account Pro V7.50 Name: naManaX Company: Blizzard s/n: 5AD5AC634584AA3
Account Pro V7.69F Name: Team DW2k Company: (Anything) s/n: 6A68ACD2FE6F1CF
Account Pro V7.69h Name: FLASH! Company: FLASH! s/n: 5A82AC8DE98349E
Account Pro V7.69m Name: -2EA3+ [HERiTAGE] Company: HTG s/n: 3AD5AC68E559DD5 or Name: FLASH Company: Valfritt s/n: 5A82AC8DE983462
Accountant Inc. Pro s/n: 18225
Accounting For Delphi Dec 2000 FirstPassword: texas SecondPassword: norwich
Accounting for Delphi Sep 99 Password: CANADA
Accounting Works (one write plus) s/n: 20.11A1111
AccountLogon V2.2 Email: s/n: AA29EAED0CE9
Accounts 95 v3.0 Name: Antkiller s/n: 7034
Accounts 95 v3.1 Name: PaulBar s/n: 7034
Accounts and Budget 2000 V2.0 Name: NORAT s/n: 538250 - 725001 - 412205 - NO
AccPac Simply Accounting v2.0a s/n: 1021602-48016
ACcrak3 Password recovery for MSAccess: CCard:12MDS34 s/n:45070
AccuChef v5.05 Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 525557943
AccuChef v5.06 Name: JudgeD s/n: dlmsppea1
AccuChef v5.08 Name: (Anything) s/n: dlmsppea
AccuChef v5.09c Name: Licensed User s/n: 814780504 or Name: RayBieZ s/n: 152273304
AccuChef v5.09f Name: Raybiez s/n: 152273304
AccuChef v5.09g Name: LIDONG s/n: 88121125
AccuChef V5.09j Name: Raybiez Cracking s/n: 985074875
AccuChef V6.02 Name: Nemesis] s/n: 14ED7F3E56B5A6FE
Accum 2000 V1.0 Name: TUC PC2K s/n: 503-1086464
Accum 2001 V1.0d Name: +DzA kRAker s/n: 553-1148928
Accurate ID Standard V2.5 Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: advancededi42
Accurate ID Standard V2.6 Name: MANiACS Company: MANiACS s/n: advancededi53
Accurateburn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.0 Name: KARHU s/n: hLtFmlicSAcAeajN or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: CeHHSGOImhSDDYke or Name: Jumpbull [eVC] s/n: HCNVNvpLDGGlVSnV
Accurateburn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.01 Name: Nemesis] s/n: iiSGIaYGcNvGiVnj
Accurateburn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.03 Name: Mackoi s/n: SVCnpmCVDSCnNYVG
Accurateburn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.10 Name: Bush Jr s/n: LRRmhAFVSFYWWpRp or Name: Sempai^LasH s/n: vRejGSaHVCpFFvIS
Accurateburn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.15 Name: Neur0n / FLN s/n: nIkWn3FVVaRICiLC
AccurateBurn MP3 Audio CD Maker V1.20 Name: Neur0n / FLN s/n: nIkWn3FVVaRICiLC
AccurateBurn MP3 Audio CD V1.13 Name: Chicane [dF] s/n: GsjvlpnFADSfVItj
AccurateBurn MP3 CD Maker V1.01 Name: GARFiELD [rA] s/n: LGYVlGkGHQGKImAH
AccuSet 32 Professional Edition v5.0B Code: 16244437C9365B1E
AccuSet v5.0B Name: AAAA-HID98 Company: HiD Present s/n: 00000
Accutext v2.0 s/n: 10900016
Accver MS Access Version Checker V1.01 s/n: ac9720-aB387
ACDExpress v3.11 Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - Code: 4194816140
ACDExpress v3.12 Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - Code: 4194816140
ACDExpress v3.13 Name: DSi 4 LIFE Company: DSi TEAM Code: 5164407541
ACDExpress V3.14 Name: YoKe 2000 Company: tHE cRACKiNG aNSWER s/n: 1903662443
ACD-See Powerpack Suite Retail V4.0 s/n: 106 097 305 033 437 541
ACDSee PowerPack V4.0 s/n: 708-801-298-633-437-541
ACDsee SR1 PowerPack Retail S/N:243478918944730541
ACDSee v1.0 Name:Sender s/n:27168
ACDSee v1.0+2 name:letis s/n:+tHE riDDLER [uCF] 213111
ACDSee v1.0-2.1 Name:ACDsee Code:72911
ACDSee v1.0-2.1 Name:sender Code:27168
ACDsee v1.25b4 Name:Kermu Code:2067038799
ACDSee v1.30+7 name:kermu s/n:2067038799
ACDSee v1.30+7 name:mARQUIS s/n:142441610
ACDSee v2.0 Name:Sender Code:27168
ACDSee v2.1 Name:ACDsee Code:72911 or Name:sender Code:27168
ACDSee v2.21 Name: kOUGER! s/n: 501587
ACDsee v2.22 Name:mISTER fANATIC s/n:3089445612 or Name:Sander s/n:27168
ACDSee v2.3 Name: letis s/n: 213111
ACDSee v2.4 Name: Han Solo s/n: 367661887821327
ACDSee v2.41 Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 301421923521327
ACDSee V3.0 s/n: 527293148772791441 or s/n: 977039898201991441 or s/n: 132728175249781441
ACDSee V3.1 build 921 S/N¡G539256203793691441
ACDSee V3.1 build 961 S/N¡G132728175249781441
ACDSee v3.1 bulid 815 s/n: 881451784190102441 or s/n: 132728175249781441
ACDSee V3.1 German s/n: 456531749078201801 or s/n: 612710558585490801 or s/n: 451790728126490801 or s/n: 659885144922301801 or s/n: 644768577689990801
ACDSee V3.1 s/n: 132728175249781441
ACDSee V3.1 SR1 Power Pack S/N¡G243478918944730541
ACDSee V3.1 SR-1 S/N:243478918944730541 Name:243478918944730541
Ace Architectural Classic Drafting Pack V2.6 s/n: AR-C-W004
Ace Bible V2.0.531 s/n: aprabACE Contacts Manager v4.03 : UserKey: U8JMHTG RegKey: 9B98C2DE1F4B7E443E
Ace Bible V3.0.4 s/n: aprab
Ace Clock v2.2.0.185 Name:team ORiON Code:ACY1Y0I8T6Z3N3N4
Ace Control V1.1 Name: (Anything) s/n: EGH786ACIS4F6D23
ACE Expert Ftp v1.0 Name:Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Code:SM6TSA-644B3A-L4YUV5-376784
Ace Expert v2.50 Name: Sn0wman s/n: 8STYH4-0386TJ-0Z996P-3JZ9D8
Ace Expert with Icons v2.51 Win95/NT : Name: Shock'97 s/n: 812IYE-Y177J3-YT7Z6I-347TZ6
Ace FTP 1.02 Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
Ace FTP 1.03 Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
Ace Ftp 1.11a Name:The Master DaVinci Code:3B7U25-L43MV7-3JLAVP-AM85FT
ACE FTP V2.00.3 Name: ReanimatoR^LasH s/n: XXP6V3-FUTHLW-QDB4XX-U1QE8U or Name: Sempai^LasH s/n: 22Z9YR-MKQAFV-PZZY2A-W7YRU5
Ace HTML Pro V4.00.6 Name: Softappz2k ID: EWTF-GXZJ-BPLL-QCUG Code: B3VB-4MCN-WPYW-FTJU
Ace HTML Pro V4.00.7 Name: tHE EGOiSTE [TMG] s/n: NC5H-AWY4-QDPT-KSQK
Ace HTML Pro V4.10.0 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: YVHI-TCPR-HPCX-DMWZ
Ace HTML Pro V4.10.1 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
Ace HTML Pro V4.22.1 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
Ace HTML Pro V4.22.2 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6 or Name: Mackoi s/n: R7UG-PNNN-JYUZ-ZZZZ
Ace HTML Pro V4.23 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
Ace HTML Pro V4.30 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6 or Name: Nemesis] ID: 9MC6-CRKH-B9N5-XKQF RegCode: NQUU-9AEX-D2CC-QQ9D
Ace HTML Pro V4.30.1 Name: Free User s/n: Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
Ace HTML Pro V4.30.2 Name: MackOi DBC s/n: JQVB-HHAC-ZHFQ-W9XU
Ace HTML Pro V5.0 Name: TEAM LUCiD s/n: SWQH-ZMSC-GNTH-C9EF or Name: Silver Storm s/n: V5MF-NQHD-KMMU-GFDU
Ace HTML Pro V5.01.1 Name: Sponge Uk - TNT[CraCK!TEaM] s/n: FVTW-5YAD-LAFT-HMMQ
Ace HTML V4.12.0 Name: TeRMiNaToR [ACF] s/n: FNVG-IBQH-RJSR-HPHI
Ace HTML V5.0 Name: MbR ID: 55555 s/n: WMN9-PKU5-NCGZ-ZZZZ
Ace Reader v2.3 name: davy - blizzard License: 1 s/n: 5sZY6Pu65I
Ace Reader V4.2c Name: Jumpbull [eVC] Copies: 20 s/n: 4wBnJaZ73n
Ace Replace Name: wizard-x [pdn] s/n: 4699-1762-7163
AceCapture V1.4 Name: eax^CrackPL s/n: 2947792287-3203259614
AceExpert v2.50 Name: Sn0wman s/n: 8STYH4-0386TJ-0Z996P-3JZ9D8
AceExpert v2.53 HTML Editor Name: jog [DNG] s/n: YJH7PZ-62UJ8Z-EV1UA6-8EV82A
AceExpert v2.53a Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 82Z5I7-2670X2-ZVE692-I1BERZ
AceExpert v3.00h Name: Republic s/n: BPQU-YXEV-E85S-F2MR
AceExpert v3.01 Name: Registered User s/n: XLYA-6DDB-1AMJ-2TXS
AceExpert v3.01a Name: ProfViper s/n: IWPV-XJFW-IDK4-P5VS
AceExpert v3.02b Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: YALC-51GC-CFGN-C2QX
AceExpert v3.02c Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: EN5Q-SYQ3-MTV8-EJZP
AceExpert v3.02d Name: Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: BQSC-IZZS-DQP1-ASYL
AceExpert v3.02f Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: MTA4-WNPK-SMJL-YWPR
AceExpert v3.02g Name: DEFAULT s/n: 7Q8X-1CXQ-B9SZ-ZZZZ or Name: IND1999 s/n: FNAJ-T5GZ-12CZ-ZZZZ or Name: __RayBieZ__ Code: AIJP-KD8V-IKUF-SEY4
AceExpert v3.02h Name: HTTP://CHZHY.126.COM s/n: 1234567890 Code: 1UQU-L1Q4-KJGF-1YEY or Name: RbZ_cRacKiNG s/n: (Blank) Code: XSVH-LVNI-Z9GC-EPQD
AceExpert v3.0f Name: Fluke s/n: NPGI-UDLH-JMWZ-ZZZZ
AceExpert v3.0g Name: EinZtein of Blizzard Code: 1234567890 s/n: BQGP-7PQI-E1TH-NRPP
AceExpert with Icons v2.51 : Name: Shock'97 s/n: 812IYE-Y177J3-YT7Z6I-347TZ6
AceExpertV3.02i Name: LoST/MFD s/n: YHLN-J2YH-2VUY-AN5E or Name: C0Ke2000 s/n: E8VN-2Z3Q-PWZC-LHN1 or Name: +s0nYK s/n: ESDJ-UWNK-N9AZ-ZZZZ
AceFTP v1.00b Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 74FEV2-NB8R37-7US5C4-V7A5FT
AceFTP v1.03 Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
AceFTP v1.05 Name: Edge-` [Fallen 98] s/n: N444L5-35824J-CE7MYR-V4356T
AceFTP v1.22 Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: SA858P-AA34NJ-FBSML2-24YEA4
AceFTP v1.23 Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E
AceFTP v1.23a Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: 4B372M-C76524-Y7LU6B-AR3EF2
AceFTP v1.23b Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E or Name: RbZ_cRacKiNG s/n: YAL435-CR64Y5-4T3U75-87V7C4
AceFTP V1.24 Name: LoST/MFD s/n: L727AA-34NJFB-SML224-YEA46P or Name: CZY s/n: 673JLA-VPAM85-FT74N7-L5643E
AceFTP V1.24a Name: CZY s/n: 673JLA-VPAM85-FT74N7-L5643E
AceFTP V1.3 Name: CZY s/n: 673JLA-VPAM85-FT74N7-L5643E
AceFTP V1.30 Name: notice! [DBC] s/n: 25C5F7-A23BF4-VENU85-3R7735
AceFTP V1.31 Name: CZY s/n: 673JLA-VPAM85-FT74N7-L5643E or Name: Code2023'LasH s/n: 64L5V7-3MC53T-44S7YJ-YA6P2M
AceFTP V2.0 beta 3 Name: iNCREDiBLE FiGHTER s/n: 7BXN-NZT3-BBFC-AUFE
AceFTP V2.0 beta 8 Name: ubique.daemon [AmoK] s/n: Y4622M-55CK7B-HMV6Q2-2SRMKP
AceFTP V2.00.3 Name: Free User s/n: A333U4-4XZ7PK-TTMDZC-WMBHAU or Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: BM29PK-HB7W11-ATHL4A-DQU6CN
AceFTP V2.01 Name: Free User s/n: A333U4-4XZ7PK-TTMDZC-WMBHAU or Name: Nitrus s/n: 7W1423-UAZFF8-V31H86-9NSTPY
AceFTP V2.02 Name: Free User s/n: A333U4-4XZ7PK-TTMDZC-WMBHAU
AceHTML Pro V4.21.0 Name:Free User Code:Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
AceHTML Pro V4.21.3 Name:Free User Code:Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
AceHTML Pro V4.22.2 Name:Free User Code:Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
AceHTML Pro V4.23 Name:Free User Code:Q4LB-KG9X-Q8PB-3TN6
AceHTML Pro V5.00.2 Name : Arcane / Phrozencrew s/n: DXYB-VCRB-TRGU-PHVU
AceHTML Pro V5.00.3 Name: Sponge Uk - TNT[CraCK!TEaM] s/n: FVTW-5YAD-LAFT-HMMQ
AceMacro Pro V2.0 Name: (Anything) s/n: 111
AceNotes v1.0 Name: SiraX [CORE] s/n: 83903256
AceNotes v2000 Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: 73518618
AceNotes v2000a Name: independent s/n: 80914642
AceNotes v2000b Name: Orion s/n: 69406501
AceNotes v2000c Name: Orion s/n: 69406501
AceReader v3.1 Name: warez License : 1 s/n: 4sVE6Wo87H
AceReader v3.2 Name: Versus Licenses: 99 s/n: 1wVS1Ho07G
AceReader v4.0 Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 3rHnJeY74n Licenses : 1
AceReader v4.1 Name: webmasta[DC] s/n: 3sHnKiX57n or Name: Raybiez Cracking Licenses: 99 s/n: 5xEmKhS27n
AceReader V4.2d Name: Raybiez Cracking Copies: 99 s/n: 5xEmKhS27n
AceReader V4.3 Name: +s0nYK [iNTENSiTY] Licenses: 99 s/n: tD4Ka4n5mR
Aces of the Deep s/n: 8563441101743
Acid Music s/n: 211-0010504-264514
ACID Style DJ V3.0a s/n: 7H-ZPLB1H-13B9H9-BV4X6S
Acid v1.0 s/n: AC10-M345K-VW98C-359
Acidude Wallpaper Calendar v1.05 : Name: SiRAMiNX(lAXITy) s/n: DISCRQKHOBLPRNDC
Acloon VideoViewer V3.35 Name: John Arrowsmith Code: QcjZiQhXj2kflQWhjXYXW6hYPX Key: 6RdWYkX5cJUlegQTeScRkNQX0d
ACM v1.3 : Name: ACM872433 s/n: 32886038
Acorn Email v2.0 s/n: z12gAreg214x
Acorn Email v2.5 s/n: L933-G623-B404
Acorn Email v2.5a s/n: L933-G623-B404
Acotec Remote Access Manager v2.00.04 : s/n: aaaa-0038-RB20-0Lau-pdca-bbwf-ffaz
Acoustica CD Burner V1.0 s/n: 347649785
Acoustica CD Burner V1.06 s/n: 814493782
Acoustica V2.0 Name: cg! Company: [fanatic] s/n: AC200-22886
Acoustica V2.0 rev.910.3 Name/Company: Team ElilA s/n: AC200-44212
Acoustica V2.01 Name: cg! Company: [fanatic] s/n: AC200-22886
Acoustica V2.01a Name: [CriTteR] Company: Serials 2000 s/n: AC200-40383 or Name: The Exterminators 2000 Company: TeX 2000 s/n: AC200-50896
Acoustica V2.1 Name: Sir dReAm Company: TNT!Crack!Team s/n: AC210-95851
Acoustica V2.11 Name: Subzonic Company: tca2kSub s/n: AC210-82448 or Name: mike hanson s/n: AC210-63231 or Name: Registrierter Benutzer Company: Privat s/n: AC210-36723 or Name: Shaligar Company: Lash s/n: AC210-64496 or Name: Sempai Company: LasH Code: AC210-58476
Acoustica V2.1a Name: Pinky and The Brain Company: AmoK s/n: AC210-86582 or Name: notice! Company: AcidTrax s/n: AC210-78077
AcQuest HQ Depreciation V1.40 Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: 6D7103DE2012B313C21B6AF0337AB934747FAF42
AcQuest Pro Depreciation V2.80 Name: DiSTiNCT s/n: 9EDCF0A144422601EE2018896F28AD326736C851
Acquire v2.0 s/n: UCF2000034035812774356
Acquire v2.1 s/n: Hex19571975
AcqURL v3.0 s/n: 1000036039138312378289 or s/n: 1000034713220369500512764 or s/n: 1000032334312378151347 or s/n: 1000042334312430151347 or s/n: 123454321278726612579134
AcqURL v3.01 s/n: Hex19571975
AcqURL v3.1 s/n: Hex19571975
AcqURL V3.2 s/n: Hex19571975
AcqURL V3.2.1 s/n: 1000034713220369500512764 or s/n: 123454321278726612579134 or s/n: 1000032334312378151347 or s/n: 1000036039138312378289 or s/n: 1000042334312430151347 or s/n: 1000048914112413389343
AcqURL V3.3 s/n: 1000036039138312378289 or s/n: $19571975
AcqURL V3.4 s/n: 712666311556812024412628
AcqURL V4.1 s/n: 712666311556812024412628
AcqURL V4.2 s/n: 123454321278726612579134 or s/n: 712666311556812024412628
AcqURL V5.0 s/n: 123456781262412579151278
AcqURL V5.1 s/n: 123454321278726612579134 or s/n: 712666311556812024412628
AcqURL V5.2 s/n: 108106121280076612674148
AcqURL V5.3 s/n: 893668581437812682205368 or s/n: 446433137161258014912688
AcqURL V5.4 s/n: 821452361253012614127138
Acrobat Capture v1.0 s/n: WCW100R3101909-171
Acrobat Distiller PE s/n: WAW210P7121183-537
Acrobat Distiller v1.0 s/n: DEE100R3001172-010-496
Acrobat Distiller v2.0 s/n: ANW200U3010001-986 or s/n: ANW200U3010006-151 or s/n: ANW200U3010009-334
Acrobat Distiller v2.1 s/n: MDE210R7100000-999-369 or s/n: MDE210R7100001-999-286 or s/n: MDE210R7100002-999-635 or s/n: MDE210R7100003-999-268 or s/n: MDE210R7100004-999-901 or s/n: MDE210R7100005-999-534 or s/n: MDG210R7100000-999-231 (german) or s/n: MDF210R7100000-999-800
Acrobat Distiller v4.0 s/n: MDE400R7100000-999-333 or s/n: MDE400R7100001-999-682 or s/n: MDE400R7100002-999-315 or s/n: MDE400R7100003-999-948 or s/n: MDE400R7100004-999-581 or s/n: MDE400R7100005-999-214 or s/n: MDG400R7100000-999-911 (german) or s/n: MDF400R7100000-999-480
Acrobat eBook Reader V1.81 s/n: 422 1013 11 1844 1869 37 1498
Acrobat Exchange v1.0 s/n: MVW100R3100000-050-208 (50 User) or s/n: DEW100R3100564-885
Acrobat Exchange v2.0 s/n: MVW200R3100000-999-837 or s/n: MVW200R3100001-999-470 or s/n: MVW200R3100002-999-103 or s/n: MVW200R3100003-999-736 or s/n: MVW200R3100004-999-369 or s/n: MVW200R3100411-609 or s/n: MVW100R3100000-050-208 (50 User) or s/n: DEW100R3100564-885
Acrobat Exchange v2.1 s/n: WVM681R4000077-810
Acrobat Exchange v4.0 Beta 4 s/n: AEW400R3900106-762-184
Acrobat Exchange V4.05a s/n: kwm400r7168899-554
Acrobat French v3.0 s/n: KWM301R7223308-275
Acrobat Pro v2.1 s/n: ANW210E3100327-330 or s/n: ANW210R3105314-136
Acrobat Reader for Dos v1.0 s/n: ARD100R3600000-830
Acrobat Reader for Windows v1.0 s/n: ARW100R3100000-500-574
Acrobat Reader v1.2 : s/n: ARM100R3100034-100-397
Acrobat V1.0 s/n: ARW100R3100230-826
Acrobat V2.0 s/n: WVW200R3100221-398 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-339 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-334
Acrobat v3.01 s/n: PWW250R3107069-312
Acrobat v3.0J s/n: KMJ300R7103491-848 or s/n: KMJ300R7110385-790 or s/n: KMJ300R7105429-377
Acrobat V4.0 Retail s/n: AOW400R3294832-118
Acrobat v4.0 s/n: AEW400R7100000-999-308 (US) or s/n: AEW400R7100001-999-941 or s/n: AEW400R7100002-999-574 or s/n: AEW400R7100003-999-207 or s/n: AEW400R7100004-999-840 or s/n: AEW400R7100005-999-473 or s/n: AEG400R7100000-999-412 (german)
Acrobat V4.0 s/n: AOW301R7136978-298 or s/n: AOW400R1124770-329 or s/n: AOW400R1158241-562 or s/n: AOW400R1227257-485 or s/n: AOW400R1323860-731 or s/n: AOW400R1634625-498
Acrobat V4.05 s/n: KWM400R7036733-314 or s/n: AOW301R7136978-298
Acrobat V5.0 s/n: AEB100R3498245-291 or s/n: s/n: KWW500R7150122-128
Acrobat WorkGroup v2.0 s/n: DEW200U3100000-010-974 or s/n: DEW200U3100001-010-607 or s/n: DEW200U3100002-010-240
AcroForm V3.0 Name: Michael Dora Company: P3Ri0D s/n: A201-001-71187055-75000151
Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe V1.0 Name: Michael Newcombe s/n: WJC27-P6NB2-7R2LC-625C7-2NCRL
Acronis MigrateEasy Deluxe V1.0 Name: Susannah Burak s/n: B6AR2-66K5P-XJCK4-ND7A7-2KCEJ
Acronis OS Selector V5.0 Deluxe Name: Chul Choo Lee s/n: 83K64-K66BF-6V898-H27AU-2623E
Acronis ProofEraser Deluxe V1.0 Name: Michael Newcombe s/n: YJAGC-78NBF-GM682-J9J4P-464P4]
AcroWizard V2.0.65 Name: TANIA ALVAREZ Date: 18-APR-2001 s/n: CNCNW-37WCW-CQPLN-3KQ7N-QBK1Q Password: 031463 (might not need it)
Acrypt v5.0 Name: viny[TbC] s/n: 3991
Acrypt V6.0 Name: Saiyajin s/n: 3708
ACS Desktop Plus v1.0 : Name:SiraX Company:CORE s/n:720D-095D-7A42-654A (If you use any name and company, it will give you your own code)
ACS PhotoAlbum v2.1 Name:davy Company:blizzard s/n:1051121291
AcsSoft Photo Album V4.2 Name: cluster Address: reform s/n: 1061231081 (Enter anything in the City, Country and E-Mail fields)
AcsSoft Photo Album V5.1 Name: cluster Company: reform Address: reform s/n: 1061231081
AcsSoft Photo Album V5.2 Name: cluster Company: reform Address: reform s/n: 1061231081
ACSSoft PhotoAlbum v2.1 Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 1051121291
ACT! 2000 V5.0.3.423 s/n: 3GZJF-WBSYQ-J62N3-244N3
Acta Pro v1.0J s/n: RcaY-H4P7l-k32YR
ActiCalc v1.06 Name: CoSH [PCY] Company: Prophecy s/n: 102042
ActiCalc v2.1 Beta Name: exit/fallen Company: fallen s/n: 150212
ActiCalc v2.1 Name: Azrael Company: PC99 s/n: 68041
ActiCalc V2.2 Name: SiRAMiNX(lAXITy) s/n: 372657
Action Files v1.0 s/n: F234N6789593996445 or s/n: F100N6789576807554 or s/n: F100N4541833991173
Action Files v1.1 s/n: F000N00000-59715904 or s/n: F111N11111-21066900 or s/n: F154N57581-48164738 or s/n: F234N6789593996445 or s/n: F100N6789576807554 or s/n: F100N4541833991173 or s/n: F154N57581-48164738
Action Files v1.2 s/n: F234N6789593996445 or s/n: F100N6789576807554 or s/n: F100N4541833991173
Action Files v1.2b1 s/n: F111N11111-21066900
Action Files V1.5.1 s/n: F234N6789593996445
Action Files V1.5.2 s/n: F123N45678-75797287 or s/n: F123N41678-72876277
Action GoMac v2.0 s/n: C123N4567837796891 or s/n: C777N7777769485055 or s/n: C999N9999960506025 or s/n: C666N6969496963695
Action GoMac v2.0.1 s/n: C123N4567837796891
Action GoMac V2.0.3 s/n: C218N6324521361337 or s/n: C773N4440180809081 or s/n: C722N2623355598187
Action Menus V1.0 s/n: M100N-350017-79927366 or s/n: M100N3133725134020 or s/n: M087N5667796330088 or s/n: M810N6644705941931
Action Names v2.05 s/n: A#EJC-Y30AL-30&Z4-PILOTGEAR
Action Space Doctor v1.0.2 s/n: J102N-650044-98068261
Action Space Doctor v1.0.x s/n: J102N-300019-38057410
Action Space Doctor v1.x s/n: J102N-351823-42713601
Action WorkFlow Analyst s/n: AA200013001W1001823
Action WYSIWYG v1.0.x s/n: W100N3133708236682
Actioneer for Microsoft Outlook 1.0.5 s/n: VRoS-7BARTj8 Palm Pilot: VRpS-7BAR-j8TO
Actioneer v11 s/n: xqpr-7kcf-j8lh
Actioneer V2.0.2.3 s/n: 2d13-2s36-t754
Actionizer v1.3 Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: C210C
ActionLine v1.0 s/n: 06961xxxx or s/n: (x any number 0-9)
ActionLine v1.5 s/n: 069610000 or s/n: 06961xxxx or s/n: (x any number 0-9)
ActionLine V1.6 s/n: 089711234 or s/n: 08971xxxx or s/n: (x any number 0-9)
ActionNames v4.03 s/n: 17894762-161
Activa Pro V3.17 s/n: DJJH-YA24-JKFG
Active Backup Expert Pro V1.40 Name: Michael Simons s/n: kfFrH7 - 6XGk32 - 6TdWHc - 9e0ha3
Active Backup Expert Pro V1.50 s/n: jfN5H7 - 66Gk3a - ATdTOR - 9W0hPs
Active Blueprints Application Builder v1.5 Name: Keios Company: liveedge s/n: AB01-0000-0000-0017
Active Blueprints Easy Object v1.5 Name: Keios Company: liveedge s/n: AB01-0000-0000-0017
Active Connection Master v2.5 Name: phase s/n: IT-298-746-484
Active Cursor V1.21 Key: ASAC1200002080TZgPRtXMWJH2qKJ4Vue7uyymKjfkL1+Kse0CQgDI3Wz1X36YsMzyNW85aBjuN6L1ESKXsw+44Zg512ihQTJ4BgWN5bCJI2jTtX0dVFORBdPZtUSxJtsyIc50JcYhFu2IDyxwcvYeFBxWM0zt3rj0A2mDOP5IQj6VXtwvXRg8kgo=
Active Delivery v1.20.04 s/n: 400101-1331
Active Desktop Calendar v1.0 Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 1-D2DC296-0
Active Desktop Calendar V2.5 s/n: 6BBF-D613795E-CD5F04
Active Editor V2.0 s/n: 5759972157
Active Fax Server V3.42.169 Name: davy Company: blizzard2k s/n: 13069-57608
Active Fax Server V3.42.177 Name: LineZer0 Company: LineZer0 s/n: 00000-81832
Active Fax Server V3.61.0180 s/n: 98193-49810
Active Fields v2.0 Name: tKC Loves Jess Email: tkc@loves.jess s/n: 926365495
Active Folder v1.0 Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 50394-C3F74-00001
Active Icons v1.5 Name: Capoeira/TS s/n: hD736DA
Active Mail v1.2 Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 4637
Active Media Eclipse Screen Saver Maker Developer License Name: PoeTz Company: PoeTz Screen Saverz s/n: 59IA0-198ZV-UOY0F-OICKB-EJ5P -8989P97
Active Media Player Screen Saver V1.0 Name: ActMagO/TNT! s/n: 117445
Active Media Storm V1.006 Name: Nemesis] Country: Nemesis] Phone: Nemesis] Region: United Kingdom Pro: 3197-5CD7-B072-8035 Dev: E799-68AF-F909-4B0F
Active MultiMedia Button ActiveX v3.02 s/n: SD9565NG13366-CORE19773901
Active Multimedia Button Control Name: TRPS s/n: SD9565NG13366-202181519988
Active Multimedia Button v3.0 Name: Karen Caughey s/n: SD9565NG13366-440121419988
Active Net v3.5 Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: @54hr@kr)L;xEn&L
Active S.Saver Builder v1.0 Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 11101-0AFD5-002D0
Active Screen Saver Development Kit v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 686986666582
Active ScreenSaver Builder V2.2 Name: Sponge Uk/tCA s/n: 59567-77777-77DF2
Active ScreenSaver Builder V3.0 s/n: 03ED7-0000F-1708A or s/n: 03ED7-000AB-24226
Active Submission Toolkit v2.001 Name: phase s/n: IT-867-176-456-775
Active Task Manager V1.3 Name: Peri0d s/n: LHIJIH - 7AH5F0 / 6J6GHO - GOxU58
Active Threed Plus v3.0 s/n: 0130-0100000-2949145
Active Threed Plus V3.03 s/n: 0130-0200005-5596874
Active Threed v2.03 Code: 01A0000-7575363
Active Threed v2.04 s/n: 01A0000-7575363
Active Tree View v1.01 s/n: 01A0000-7572623
Active View v1.6 1) Start Active View. 2) Go to file/then register. 3) Fill in Licensee with: Keith Mallder (case sensitive) 4) Security Code is 2467 5) Click OK
Active View v1.7 Name: SUSAN JENSEN s/n: 2067
Active View v1.8 Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 2633
ActiveBarcode v4.0 1-User: 154236423769
ActiveCalendar 2000 V2.6 Password: 737Ac2539E
ActiveCalendar V2.6 Password: ucustomize
ActiveDAX ActiveEmail V1.0.5 Name: joybug s/n: joybug
ActiveError Foundation V3.2 s/n: Z5UQRJEB
ActiveError Foundation V3.2c s/n: Z5UQRJEB
ActiveFax Server V3.61 b0180 Name: LineZer0 Company: LineZer0 s/n: 00000-81832
ActiveFax V3.61 Name: LineZer0 Company: LineZer0 s/n: 00000-81832
ActiveFile v1.2 for Microsoft Active Server Pages: s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v1.3 s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v1.31 s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v2.0 s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveListBar 1.01 b10 Name: Aerosmith Company: Tol CD key: 01A0000-7575760
ActiveOptimizer Suite V1.0 pdGuideBook: AG10-E0125-56784 pdProfiler: AP10-G0126-56785
ActiveOptimizer V1.0 s/n: AG10-E2840-00202
ActiveProject Builder V2000 SR1 s/n: 003-859-54434627
ActiveProject Builder V2001 SR1 s/n: 003-141-32216281
ActiveProject Server Plus V2000 SR3 s/n: 001-544-38679548
ActiveProject Server V2000 SR1 s/n: 001-544-38679548
ActiveToolBars v1.01 s/n: 01A0002-7140552
ActiveX Component Suite v3.0 s/n: ACS300X-9809-2880615-0591
ActiveX Enterprise Suite v6.0 Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ACS6-9904-37592931-9759
ActiveX Indicators Suite v1.0 AxPanel: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000006 AxIndicator: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000000
ActiveX Manager v1.3 Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 6577-aWxVPTz or Name: Goofer/REBELS s/n: 6577-eCxS7AIz or Name: DutchesS s/n: 6577-eBxQYz
ActiveX Manager V1.4 Name: Potsmoke [FHCF] s/n: 6577-8HxYUMAxz
ActiveX Objects ActiveX V2.04.0079 s/n: 072427009320811
Activities Plus v2.2 s/n: ACTPLUS1.5REG150
Activities Plus V2.5 s/n: ACTPLUS1.5REG150
Activities Plus V3.0 s/n: ACTPLUS1.5REG150
Activity Maker V2.3 Name: TUC PC2K s/n: am15308160 or Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: am928287360
Activity Maker V2.4 Name: Nemesis] s/n: AM86728902
Activity Maker V2.43 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: AM928287360
Activity Maker V2.5 Name: LAXiTY s/n: AM434720 or Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: AM928287360
Activity Maker V2.6 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: AM928287360
Activity Maker2 V1.1 Name: Arfa [ORiON] s/n: AS208828196
Activity Recorder v1.22 Name: (Anything) s/n: CHRIS168TINA
Actual Drawing V2.2 Name: MACKOI s/n: DC462C00
Actual Drawing V3.1 Name: POTSMOKE [FHCF] s/n: 718F1700
Actual Drawing V3.2 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: C56C0200
Ad Muncher V4.06 Name: p0thEAd / TNT s/n: TNTRULEZ-F544B94D
Ad Muncher V4.07 Name: PRiORiTY s/n: 1234-908A8363
Ad Muncher V4.14 Name: DMM s/n: 084B1E55-38CBCBD5
Ad Muncher V4.17 Name: CrazyKnight [ORiON] s/n: 094AB8F3-91EBDBF2
Ad Muncher V4.18 Name: ACG s/n: 9943DDE0E3-9919B2B6B9
AD Picture Viewer V1.11 Name: Team ElilA s/n: 1PV0049EE607A
AD Picture Viewer V1.8 s/n: 1PV002AC65050
AD Search & Replace V1.0 Name: CCCP da Hero Company: GWA s/n: 1SR0036583BA2
AD Search & Replace V1.10 Name: Crudd [TeX] s/n: 1SR004B2DBC6E
AD Wiper v1.01 s/n: 9-205527 or s/n: 43-210143 or s/n: 875-216217 or s/n: 8653-221273 or s/n: 96422-226117
AD3000 Edit V0.37 Name: SyntaxError [ECLiPSE] s/n: 5A5B8DFEC3A31075
AD3000 Edit V0.38 Name: CrazyKnight [ORiON] s/n: 805A2955A0799B60
Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe V4.0 S/N¡G110010629931
Adaptec Easy CD Creator Platinum V5.0298 S/N:Y-73YHY-SENW9-Y9B4T
Adaptec Easy CD Creator V4.0 Deluxe S/N:110043979933
Adaptec Easy CD Creator V4.02D DELUXE S/N¡G110001210122
Adaptec Easy CD Creator v4.03 Deluxe License Key : 110010629931 Password : no password
Adaptec EZ-SCSI v3.03 DOS/Win : 492848-01
Adaptec GoBack V2.2 S/N¡GG-1038M-DBT9M-N8KCL
Adaptec SoundStream V1.0b S/N¡G11057623018
Adaptec/Roxio WinOnCD V3.8 S/N¡G02144-14021839f
Adavi Silent Watch V1.1 s/n: 0001-1477-HE-30686-07030
Adavi Silent Watch V1.2.1.81 s/n: 0001-1477-HE-30686-07030
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.09 Name: Eugene R Harden Company: High Voltage s/n: 5A89ACDFE88C4AC
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.10 Name: beltram s/n:5A1BACGG83E18EG
AdCADD Auto Architech for AutoCAD 12 : s/n: DAAHE 20104
ADCheck v1.x : s/n: MMAB-0000001438-B37uo3
AdClose V1.7 Name: DaHool s/n: 6D2F1644 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: BEC75011 or Name: Nemesis] s/n: 3E41DE79
ADCS V1.00 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: 7C841927
ADCS V1.01 Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 8A271D2D
ADCS V1.02 Name: Nemesis] s/n: BD2532EB
ADCS V1.04 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: 064A0355
ADCS V1.05 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: 064F0350
ADCS V1.06 Name: Nemesis] s/n: BD2532EB
ADCS V1.07 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: F64E025F or Name: team blizzard s/n: B757245F
Add Impact s/n: 3009034001
Add Remove 4 Good v1.5 Name: Lord Leto s/n: 6582-yFY0RW or Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 6582-8W90PZD
Add Remove 4 Good v2.0 Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Code: 6582-2APUZYJHD
Add Remove Cleaner v2.3 Name: Kwai_Lo [tNO 98] s/n: K17204KE
Add Wiper v1.02 s/n: 96422-226117
Add/Remove 4 Good v2.0 Name:Finn Mac CooL Serial: 6582-7CW0P0WF
Add/Remove Cleaner v2.3 Name: Kwai_Lo [tNO 98] s/n: K17204KE
AddDepth v1.0 s/n: AW-100-1-2716-52987
AddDepth v1.1 s/n: AW-110-1-1701-30232
AddDepth v2.0 s/n: AD-200-1-6501-54924 or s/n: AD-200-1-1764-42848
Addepth for Windows : AW-100-1-2716-52987
AddFlow ActiveX v1.01 s/n: 6587 6352 6682 0A01
AddFlow ActiveX v2.1 Name: Dr Weird s/n:8765045174810522
AddFlow ActiveX V3.00.027 s/n: 2118 0A23 7BC2 0658
AddFlow ActiveX V3.00.028 s/n: 1234567887654328
Addict Spellchecker Pro V3.01 Pro: 2JLhb7 PlusPack: lF8Ce
Addict Spellchecker Pro V3.2 Professional: 2JLhb7 PlusPack: lF8Ce
Addict v2.32 s/n: L10736095B
Adding Machine 1999 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: 801-1671168
AddPrint 2000 V9.2 Build 043 Name: MackT / uCF s/n: 122ZFZ59701F687672651701
Addraman Address Manager and Phone Dialer 1.02: Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: CCS-56FGM66-CH
AddRegCln V2.1 s/n: 54A8-0242-8500
Address 2000 Name: Demian/TNT! s/n: 12233123e-4
Address and Phone Book v5.0 Name: Miscreant s/n: APB-6452-4891644
Address Book Pro v1.01 Name: (Anything) s/n: BANANA
Address Book v1.5 s/n: JLJ4EVR
Address Database Pro v4.02 s/n: AEKDB-789
Address Database Pro v4.3 s/n: AEKDB-7895
Address Everywhere V1.26 Name: L!M!T [TEX] Password: 2000 RegNum: 1886689881
Address Everywhere V1.40 Name: L!M!T [TEX] Password: 2000 Code: 1886689881
Address Everywhere V1.60 Name: Lucifer48 Password: PC Code: 1098323289
Address Everywhere V2.01 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT Code: 2104005254
Address Everywhere V2.11 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT Code: 2104005254
Address Everywhere V2.3 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT Code: 2104005254
Address Everywhere V2.31 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT s/n: 2104005254
Address Everywhere V2.5 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT s/n: 2104005254
Address Everywhere V2.6b Name: TEAM ElilA Password: ElilAROX s/n: 0593435279
Address Everywhere V2.8 Beta Name: TEAM ElilA Password: ElilAROX s/n: 0593435279
Address Everywhere V2.8 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT s/n: 2104005254 or Name: TeRMiNaToR Password: Archive du Cracking Français s/n: 1163736401
Address Everywhere V2.81 Name: archigamedis Password: DiSTiNCT s/n: 2104005254 or Name: Ghosthunter Password: 3054198960 s/n: 2069073563
Address Explorer v2.3 Password: Free the world
Address Express V1.05 Name: PipeR s/n: 3487102-VUVCY
Address Finder v9.09.01 Name: oDDiTy '99 s/n: 41-737-52
Address Finder v9.6.1 Name: evc_viper s/n: 98-093-29 or Name: Team Mission s/n: 31-407-67
Address Manager V5.0 Name: Michael R Umbreit s/n: 0044-671000076320
Address Mate v2.12 s/n: AM212101704
Address Organizer Deluxe v1.0 Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
Address Organizer Deluxe V1.1 Name: RegMinisteR s/n: 235725950-731
Address Organizer Deluxe V1.3 Name: Nitrus s/n: 987751854-731
Address Organizer Deluxe V1.6 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 105440744-731
Address Organizer Deluxe V1.7 Name: FiReAnGeL s/n: 22593074 or Name: Ec4 [DBC] s/n: 206436791-731 or s/n: 206460833-731 or s/n: 206484875-731
Address Organizer Deluxe V1.8 32-bit Name: Nemesis] s/n: 985187940-731
Address Organizer v3.00 Name: warez s/n: 987677122-827
Address Organizer v3.5s Name: TeamPGC s/n: 984149505-827
Address Quick v2.3 Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 700708441
Address Register v1.0.1 Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 4270112-A58
Address Wijzer v3.10 s/n: AD38170
Address4U V1.2 Name: cOBL [HZD] s/n: 155-179092
AddressBook etc v2.0 s/n: adrBk-5595-780215
Addresses Plus V5.3e s/n: reg-12194-dz-igameglc
Addresses Plus V5.4e s/n: reg-12194-dz-igameglc
AddressGrabber Business V2.5.022801 Code: 1234567890123456 s/n: 8349056172389672
AddressGrabber Deluxe V2.5.022801 Code: 1234567890123456 s/n: 8642086475319975
AddressQuick v1.0 Name: CORE CMT s/n: 566655565
Addsoft v1.20C s/n: AS1-8HWQTX-9716Z
Addsoft v2.0 Name: JOG [DNG] s/n: 0087654321
Addsoft v2.01 Name: Warp s/n: 037265607
Addsoft v2.05 Name: PREMiERE s/n: 4238936721
Addsoft v2.1.3 Name: CRACKZ s/n: 4425809661
Addsoft v2.14 Name: KLEFZ s/n: 4039525341
Addsoft v2.16 Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 202429278
Addsoft v2.18 Name: NAGLFAR DDT98 s/n: 2124862011 or Name: Bisoux s/n: 812489697
Addsoft v2.21 Name: KLEFZ s/n: 4039525341
Addsoft v2.22 Name: REKIEM / PCY s/n: 826795377
Addsoft v2.25 Name: TRPS IS NUMBER 1 s/n: 416315178
Addsoft v2.29 Name: DRAXXTER [FAITH2000] s/n: 0087654321
Addsoft v2.30 Name: Gordon s/n: 679697622
AddUtil V2.2 s/n: 07107100
Addweb Enterprise v3.14 : Name: Syndicate s/n: 483376763400407287
Addweb Gold v1.22 s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Gold v1.23 s/n: AWGE-DWE837A-FE97438
Addweb Gold v2.06 s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Gold v2.31 s/n: AWGD-WDWD824-4962345
Addweb Gold v2.38 s/n: AWGJ-DFWEI9C-8242461
Addweb Gold v2.42 Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 101606005
Addweb Gold v2.46 Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 135721441 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Gold v2.50 Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: 135721441
Addweb Gold V3.34 Name: [TSF]kona s/n: 48586763715742
Addweb Pro and Gold v2.11 : s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266 Gold: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Pro v2.05 s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Pro v2.06 s/n: AWPQ-XEDNI2C-EFID837
Addweb Pro v2.31 s/n: AWPX-LLA062B-DJIW988
Addweb Pro v2.38 s/n: AWPD-CYB7744-AAKIMLDM
Addweb Pro v2.39 s/n: AWPL-992JJ39-EDIDJU9
Addweb Pro v2.40 Name: mRFANATIc [DNG] s/n: AWPD-CYB7744-AAKIMLD
Addweb Pro v2.42 Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 39445046
Addweb Pro v2.46 Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 73560482 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Pro v2.47 Name: Demon Release Crew s/n: 139413944
Addweb Pro v2.51 Name: elociN [DNG] s/n: 47616212
Addweb Pro v2.52 Name: n03l-Faith2000 Gold: 178368235 Pro: 116207276
Addweb Pro v2.53 Name: Nicole s/n: 35345954
Addweb Pro v2.54 Name: DeMoN Crew s/n: 139413830
Addweb Pro v3.13 Name: QWERTY s/n: 2302310651272767 or Name: CZY s/n: 7756551447104314-377
Addweb Pro v3.15 Name: Orion Rules s/n: 7636711643131003
Addweb Pro v3.17 Name: Better Zero s/n: 473185660570
Addweb Pro V3.34 Name: [TSF]kona s/n: 7270722770801114
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.05 Standard: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266 Gold: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.53 Name: DSi TEAM Gold: 216062938 Standard: 133123929
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.54 Name: DeMoN Crew Standard: 118635780 Gold: 201574789
Addweb Standard v2.31 s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb Standard v2.38 s/n: AW25-7JREG7C-3H1EG54
Addweb Standard v2.42 Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 18666996
Addweb Standard v2.44 Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52782432 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Standard v2.46 Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52782432 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb v1.23 s/n: AW21-JH8WFHB-84EWFW8
Addweb v2.0 s/n: AWGD-WDWD824-4962345
Addweb v2.10 s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb v2.11 Gold: AWGE-FD734H2-724Q942 Standard: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb v2.44 Name: Naglfar DDT98 Standard: 73824882 Gold: 156763891 Pro: 94602932 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb v3.04 Name: fallen s/n: 547026020022
Addweb V3.15 Name: PhrozenCrew Standard: 040532006602 Gold: 60480542466377 Professional: 8303503446645164 Enterprise: 363406478563861015
Addweb V3.20b Name: Walhalla [oDDiTy] s/n: 808425771267
Addweb V3.24 Name: ashdbc s/n: 263102143414
Addweb V4.0.1.20 Name: Nemesis] s/n: 185773570544
Addweb V4.0.3.5 Name: Max Master [TCA] s/n: 265648850403
AddWindow+ v1.0 Name: Server Surfer s/n: FJVQQVFF or Name: MoonDark s/n: QKGDNTJX
Adept BBS +v1.07 for OS/2 : name: Undemon s/n: 3484233081 Rego Serial No: 808001375
Adept BBS v1.07 Name: Creeping Death s/n: 3599887846 RegNum: 806949176
Adesign V1.0 FirstName: Kenneth LastName: Hall Company: (Blank) s/n: 3Ok6QUhUEJDWPYnsqw== (Copy and paste registration, restart program.)
Administrator Assistant v2.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Ux-T6clUMZd
Adobe Acrobat Approval V5.0 s/n: KPW500R2100024-661
AdoBe Acrobat Capture v1.0 : WCW100R3101909-171
Adobe Acrobat Capture V3.01 Personal Edition s/n:WCA300K4062001-422
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AdoBe Acrobat Distiller PE : WAW210P7121183-537
Adobe Acrobat Distiller v1.0 for Windows: DEE100R3001172-010-496
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Adobe Acrobat Exchange v4.0 beta 3 : AEW400R3900106-762-184
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Bonjour, je souhaiterais avoir la clef d'enregistrement pour le logiciel Stellar phoenix Recovery 6.0, en francais, sv merci

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Si Vous avez, alors ce serait cool


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salut j aurai besoin d une clef activation windows XP edition familliale

Écrit par : pautremat | mercredi, 05 février 2014

salut j aurai besoin d une clef activation windows XP edition familliale

Écrit par : pautremat | mercredi, 05 février 2014


Écrit par : corbeau | samedi, 08 février 2014

la cle d activation advancid system

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Bon travail et salut a tw j'aimerai avoir la clé du logiciel Driver MAnager

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re bonjour
jai trouve ce programme qui est pas mal mais ai seulement 30 jours
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attente de tes nouvelle

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Écrit par : lamisky | samedi, 14 juin 2014

bonsoir msieur svp jaimerais avoire la cle de photoshop cc 14 et de kapersky 2014

Écrit par : roland | samedi, 28 juin 2014

je recherche la clef d' activation du logiciel micro CA compta AE
merci de votre aide

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Je recherche une clé d'enregistrement pour le logiciel GetNZB version 1.270 pour 90 jours ou 1 an. Merci ((Internet nous coûte déjà assez cher, j'aimerais me sauver quelques dollars))

Écrit par : Nounours | lundi, 07 juillet 2014

clé pour regclean pro

Écrit par : pascal | mercredi, 16 juillet 2014

aid mois svp n° séri any converter professionel 3.2.7 SVP

Écrit par : randrimanatena | jeudi, 17 juillet 2014

Bonjour je recherche cle d'activation ReneePassnow_2014

Écrit par : vandamme | mardi, 22 juillet 2014

Bijour,ji richirche le code d'activation de Eboostr V:

Écrit par : alfredo | mardi, 29 juillet 2014

Bonjour je recherche la cl pour CClener Pro v4.11.4619 Merci à tou

Écrit par : yanbden | mardi, 26 août 2014

bonjour moi je suis a la recherche de la clef d'activation de eJay Dance 6 Reloaded

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bonjour , je souhaite la clé d'activation de Dell suite version 2013 ! svp merci bq

Écrit par : karim | vendredi, 12 septembre 2014

je suis en france et je scherche sur windows 7 des cles activation pour :



Écrit par : RAFFI | mercredi, 24 septembre 2014

Bonjour kpanou et tous les gars, je recherche le logiciel coreldraw et sa clé d'activation, svp, bien vouloir m'aider à
Merci d'avance si quelqu'un m'indique un autre logiciel du meme genre

Écrit par : musicolog | vendredi, 26 septembre 2014


je recherche la clé d'activationn pour DXO Pro 9 Elite pour MAC



Écrit par : michel duffour | lundi, 29 septembre 2014

Écrit par : michel duffour | lundi, 06 octobre 2014

Je voudrais des codes d activation pour rosetta stone totale , est ce possible ?
Mon email est

Écrit par : Salim | lundi, 06 octobre 2014

Je vous prie de m'aider à obtenir des renseignements sur comment configurer un téléphone du type chinois pour pouvoir travailler en ligne avec les opérateurs Mtn Cameroun, Orange Cameroun et Nextell
ces opérateurs sont très chers et cela me cause des ennuis pour un handicapé moteur étudiant comme moi

Écrit par : Felicio | mercredi, 08 octobre 2014

je cherche un numéro de série pour le logitiel architecte 3DHD Expert Cad Edition 2010.


Écrit par : Lilou | mardi, 14 octobre 2014

cle pour DXO PRO 9

Écrit par : alain | mardi, 04 novembre 2014

pouvez vous me donner la clé d'activation de :
Architecte 3DHD Expert Cad 2011
Code materiel : Q9E3-8WC48D-EQ6NGU-62JS58-A9P9NC
merci a tous

Écrit par : denis | samedi, 15 novembre 2014

je cherche un numéro d'activation pour sony vegas pro 13 ou 11

Écrit par : Marsouin | vendredi, 21 novembre 2014

je cherche un numéro d'activation pour RJ-Capture

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bonjour j'aimerai la clé d'activation du logiciel PC Keeper

Écrit par : françois oyeniran | jeudi, 27 novembre 2014

je cherche à telecharger Adobe Photoshop CS6
et avoir le crack ou la clé d'activation

pouvez vous me répondre sur mon mail :

Écrit par : bruno | mercredi, 03 décembre 2014

bonjours je cherche la clé d'activation de easy office recovery 2.0

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pouvez vous m'aider a trouver un numero de serie pour Nitro pro 9 Merci.

Écrit par : Ekrim02 | vendredi, 12 décembre 2014

Je suis à la recherche d'une clé d'activation pour DAEMON Tools Pro 6,
Merci :)

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Bonjour, j'apprécie beaucoup votre travail; bravo!!!
si possible d'avoir la clé d'activation de DRIVERDOC 1.52 et merci

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je cherche une clé pour easy drive data recovery 3.0
merci d'avance.

j'ai trouvé sa sur votre blog mais j'ai pas le mot de passe :

Écrit par : limpe | lundi, 22 décembre 2014

Je cherche une clé pour Microsoft AutoRoute 2013
Merci d'avance

Écrit par : Gouilloud | lundi, 22 décembre 2014

bonjour je suis nul en informatique
pourriez vous m'aider ?

je voudrais installer sur mon ordi :
- pack office
- photoshop CS6

Pouvez vous me dire comment télécharger ces 2 logiciels
pouvez vous m'indiquez les sites ,
et pouvez vous me donner les clé d'activation
et les procédures d'utilisation

je vous en remercie d'avance

pouvez vous me contacter directement sur mon mail :

Écrit par : bruno | mercredi, 24 décembre 2014

felicitation pour ton site

Écrit par : NIMARO | dimanche, 28 décembre 2014


suite à une installation de win 7 pro 64bits, j'ai une fenêtre qui s'affiche régulièrement Windows Activation Technologie, il me dit que la version n'est pas authentique et qu'il faut que clic résoudre le problème en ligne.

Je veux résoudre le problème la fenêtre s’affiche régulièrement mais j'ai peur qu'il me bloque tout.

Donc ma question, quelqu'un aurait le temps de m'aider à résoudre se problème.

Avez une clé active de win 7 pro 64bits avec la quel je pourrais faire mes mises à jours sans être bloqué.

Vous remerciant par avances.

Écrit par : kara | jeudi, 01 janvier 2015

S'il vous plait pourrais-je avoir la clé iobit malware fighter 2.5

Écrit par : iger | jeudi, 08 janvier 2015

je cherche une cle de licence pour FACILE CAISSE 2015.
merci pour votre aide

Écrit par : sarha | jeudi, 15 janvier 2015

bjr seriez vous en mesure de me trouver la clé dactivvation du logiciel kaspersky 2015

Écrit par : saer | samedi, 17 janvier 2015

pourriez vous m'aide avec la clé d'Optimizer Pro

Écrit par : janvier | jeudi, 29 janvier 2015

Téléchargement d'office pro plus VL 2010 Pour ceux que ça intéresserait :


Ce sont les packs officiels dématérialisés. (copie du CD original)
Ya des clefs a essayer dans les dossiers correspondants.

Bon courage ! =)

Écrit par : MS OFFICE 2010 | mardi, 03 février 2015

salut j aurai besoin d une clef activation windows 7 edition familliale Premium merciiii

Écrit par : David | mardi, 03 février 2015


Écrit par : de castel mortimer | dimanche, 08 février 2015

Bonjours chers collabo,
J'ai bessoin de la licence de cyber link youcam 5
Merci à tous ceux qui vont m'apporter leur aide.

Écrit par : Curtis Dav | mardi, 28 avril 2015

Bonjours chers collabo,
J'ai bessoin de la licence de cyber link youcam 5
Merci à tous ceux qui vont m'apporter leur aide.

Écrit par : Curtis Dav | mardi, 28 avril 2015

Svp je cherche le serial number de Pdf to music 1.5 . Merci d'avance.

Écrit par : Douglas | mardi, 05 mai 2015

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